Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The past few weeks

The past few weeks have been pretty busy. I guess you can tell since I haven't updated my blog in awhile. My mom came and visited me for a few days. We took a long weekend and did some traveling around Montana. We took off from here and headed to Great Falls. We took a tour of the town and then took off to go tour Butte.

I have been there so many times but haven't had a lot of time to see the area. We took an underground tour which was very cool. Saw their old jail that was underground. Evil Coneval was even housed there at one point. We also saw some of the speak easy. Was a very good tour. Also took a town tour, saw all of the neat buildings and took a tour of the mansion.

After visiting Butte we took off for Phillipsburg. That is when my mom had the grand idea of going up to a ghost town. It was up a dirt hill and went up pretty high elevations. Well when I got to the top my car overheated!! So we spent an extra two hours up there waiting for it to cool down. After finally getting off that hill we went and got some bags of rocks to pan for some sapphires. Not sure if we actually found some but if not we found some cool rocks.

When my mom left I had to head down the Big Ski for another conference. We stayed up at the resort so it was a great hotel and very relaxing conference actually. Learned a little but had a good time up there. I then spent the whole weekend in Bozeman with some friends. It was nice to get to hang out with them for the weekend. It was a long drive down there so it was nice to make a weekend out of it.

After getting back I started back to work and started out again busy. Had a couple of days to myself and then my friend Tia came to visit for this last weekend. We spent a lot of the weekend showing her around the area. I convinced my boyfriend to drive us to Glacier park. We picked a great day to go because it was closing that night. With the Autumn leaves and everything is was great up there. We also took a day and drove around the lake.

Overall the next few weeks aren't going to slow down much. I found out yesterday that I got the grant that we applied for to support the volunteer income tax sites. I am also very excited because it seems we have also found a possible credit union to support my financial education courses. That takes a load of pressure off. This next week I head to Colorado for two conferences. The first one is it Steamboat for the poverty conference, the second is for the volunteer income tax sites. I will be in colorado for a full nine days. Coming back to Kalispell really late on my birthday!! I will have some time to hang out though in colorado and see Denver so if anybody has suggestions of places to visit please let me know.

That is pretty much my update for now.