Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A long week

It is only Wednesday and it has been a very long week. This week is tax training. I have been sitting in class for three days and learning everything I actually was suppose to learn last year in a full term in college. It is all making a lot more since now, which is kind of nice in the end. But it is very tiring!! I had 7 volunteers come to training which is totally awesome. And I have 4 more doing the training on there own which is going to be a little challenging teaching them how to use the computer program.

Other then that we have already started taking appointments which is great news. And the financial education class is coming together really great and will kick off strong next week.

This last weekend I went sledding!! It was a ton of fun. There is a rather large hill near my house. I will have to post a picture. I don't have snow pants so my butt got a little wet and cold, but it was worth it. After sledding we went over to Abigales house for a potluck. It was fun but lots of little kids. This one little boy came over got on my lap and started eating off my plate. Then ate some bread and then decided he didn't like it so he spit it out. He was then removed from my lap. After that my friend Jessica and I spent the night together hanging out. It was nice to get out with her!!

That has been pretty much my life. I am getting a little nervous about the tax season starting but hopefully I will get it up and running and then things will run themselves. We will see how that goes. I am also going to start getting my certification to be a first time homebuyer education counselor and then foreclosure prevention counselor. Should be interesting. I will be spending a week in Great Falls for the first of my training.

Well time for bed taxes is running me down!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Welcome 2008

I figured out how to change my layout and figured I would update my blog. I went home for Christmas. It was nice to get to go home for awhile. I saw quite a few of my friends. Sadly I missed a few of them but will hopefully see them the next time I make it that way. Although to be honest. I have no idea when that time will be. Kyle and I are planning on going camping when he gets vocation and probably not actually in Oregon.

New Years come and went. I was sick when I got back to Oregon so I ended up in bed about 9pm. Kyle had to work so we didn't go over to Libby and hang out with friends over there for New Years. We did go over to Libby this weekend. His mom's house is looking great and will probably be ready to move into in about a month or so. That will be a grand moving day/weekend.

As for work things are really coming together. Classes for the first financial education class will start Jan 24. The April class is already full also. We are taking sign ups for the June and September start class. It is crazy how many people want to take our class!! Training for the tax season starts in about two weeks. Hopefully start getting calls for people to come and get their taxes done here soon!!

Kyle and I are starting to look for a place to live!! We are thinking hopefully end of February to be the time!! Things are pretty expensive to get into so we are saving and then will hopefully find the perfect place. We want a place with a garage, dishwasher, washer and dryer. I really want to hopefully find a place with 2 bedrooms also!! That way when people come to visit they will actually have their own bedroom. Plus it would be really nice to have a room for me to be able to set up as my room for homework!! Kyle will have his garage and then I would have a room for school work!!

I found out this last week that it looks like I won't have a job at the agency when I am done with my year in AmeriCorp. So I will start really looking for a job in a few months. Hopefully find something that I will like and then make a little money doing. See what happens, there are lots of jobs though so I am not too worried about it.