Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Loving my new job

Well the subject says a lot. I have been working in my new job for well 7 weeks now. I am really liking it. I am learning a lot probably something new every single day. I have been to several new places doing audits. Darby, Havre, Augusta, and Poplar are the new towns I visited. But I have also done audits for Bigfork SD and Evergreen SD. Every audit I seem to add something new to my work load. I have been traveling with the two partners Kim and Bob. They both have different teaching skills but it seems to work for me. Bob is a little more into the explaining the reasoning behind things while Kim will just tell you how to do it. Both styles work for me. The school districts and city audits are a little different in their own ways. I don't know which one I like more yet. The next few months I have a lot more audits coming up. I think I am doing a few counties, cities, and school district. I believe I am also doing a closing of the books for Lincoln County also.

Tax season is fast approaching. Bob was telling me their thoughts for me during the tax season. The hope is we will get around 150 walk in clients and those people would all be given to me. The thought is most of these would be in my comfort zone of individual returns and work my way up to the bigger and better returns in the coming year. Being that our office is right on the main street I think we really could get that many clients. I am also going to help with the free tax site on the weekends so that will keep me very busy. Nothing but tax for about ten weeks!! Then probably back to audit.

Lets see the rest of life is going really good. We have been going to Libby most weekends so Kyle can hunt. Which means I get to stay at his mom's house and sleep!! It is a little scary being out there when nobody else is around. They live in the woods and a lot of people come and go around their hunting. I stay inside for the most part. So far hunting season has been uneventful. Kyle has one more day and he can actually shoot a doe so hopefully we will see one on thanksgiving and we will get some meat for the next year.

This weekend we have another full weekend. We are going to Kyle's mom's for the holiday and then Friday we are driving to Billings to see his dad. They are having a 50th wedding aniversary for his step mom's parents. So we are going to attend that. We will drive back Sunday so I can be back to work on Monday. I have a four day weekend. I almost can't wait for a weekend at home!!

Christmas is fast approaching I am hoping to go get my decorations out of storage on Friday and get them up before leaving for Billings. Kyle thinks I am decorating too early. I dont' think so. Day after Thanksgiving is fair game!! Well that is about it for us.