Friday, November 30, 2007

7 Degrees

So it is 7 degrees today. It is really cold. And it didn't know. Normally if it were this cold in Oregon there would be snow. Actually it never gets this cold. I am actually wearing my coat today, so I don't get yelled at again. I keep getting in trouble cause I don't have my heavy coat on.

Last night I went to a social for the young professional club. It was speed networking. It was a ton of fun and I meet a lot of people. It seems like there is mostly just Realtors or financial people so for me that was fun!!

Still waiting to see if Kyle gets his truck back today. He is very ready to have his truck and wants to go to Libby this weekend just so he can drive it.

I need to take a picture of the mountains with the snow. It looks really pretty and get is posted. Maybe this afternoon it will be clear and I can get a good one.

That is it for now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This Thanksgiving was my first one ever not going to one of the grandparents house or at least being with my family. I stayed in Montana and spent Thanksgiving with Kyle's mom,brother, Aunt, Grandmother, and cousin. We went over just for the day. Kyle had to work Wed and Fri and were both very long days. Kyle's mom's boyfriend went hunting that morning and came back just in time for dinner with a huge dead elk. We still had turkey for dinner though.

I spent the rest of the weekend pretty much relaxing. Since Kyle worked Friday I actually got to sleep in. Till noon actually. Skipped the whole early morning shopping trips. I didn't think I needed to go shopping with all of the Montana drivers that can't drive on a normal day. We did end up going out later that night and getting some Christmas lights and a few decorations so I could decorate my apartment. I have lights in the windows and after tonight I will have a Christmas tree. One of my co-workers is letting me use her small 4ft tree. I am not really sure where I am going to put it but will find a place for it.

It is getting very cold. It has been in the 20s for a high and down into the single digits for a low. It snowed the other day only about a 1/2 an inch. Don't know when we will get more but it is just really really cold.

I have made train reservations for Dec. 21 and coming back on Dec. 28. Although I may not be taking the train now if my cousin Katrina is coming to visit me. Plans are still being worked out for that and if my brother will also be coming to visit.

As for work the financial education course is almost full. We have 13 families or spaces reserved. It has only been a few weeks with registration open!!

I finished my first class for my masters degree and got an A. So i have a 4.0 at University of Montana so far!! Now I just need to actually get into the unversity for the program.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yesterday night it snowed and stuck a little. The ground was a little too wet, but my car has snow on it. So I drove to work with the assistance of Kyle. Not sure what assistance he was besides laughing at me. He said are you scared. I wasn't but I did have both hands on the wheel. He informed me there wasn't even snow on the road. I didn't care I was practicing!!

Kyle is letting me use his computer now. We set it up at my house because mine is just not really working. It needs help!! I don't know what to do with myself though, it is so fast! I could download music put it on my ipod so quickly, o and do five other things at the same time. Although lets just see how long it takes me to kill his computer.

I am going to Kyle's mom's house for Thanksgiving. Not sure if we are heading over there tomorrow night and staying there or just going for the day. Probably depend on how bad Kyle's day at work will be. Today he had to go in at 2am. He had over 600 cases of beer to deliver. Tomorrow will probably be just as bad. Putting four days of work into three and he usually works 12 hour days anyway. He might be getting his truck out of the shop this week so I won't have to take him to work anymore. No more 5am or this morning 2am.

Friday, November 16, 2007

First Snow

Yesterday we had the first sign of snow. It snowed while I was driving to work but it didn't stick. Maybe this weekend it will come and stick. It is cold enough for snow (at least I think so). Usually in Oregon if it was in the 20's it would snow but their is just not moisture I guess!!

This week we started advertising for the financial education classes. We opened up registration three days ago and already have 5 families signed up. Banks want to start telling customers but we are a little nervous about telling a whole lot of people because we feel like we are going to fill up pretty quickly this first class. We have habitat wanting to make it mandatory their families go through it and CASA wanting to send the kids aging out of foster care to it. So I think it is going to be pretty successful.

I am going to be teaching the children's education classes. Although so far I am not teaching anybody. Everybody that has signed up has little little kids. We wanted to have 8-13 years old in my class. We are shooting for like 15 families somebody has to have some elementary school kids.

I recruited 5 more volunteers for the income tax sites. As of right now I think we have enough volunteers to actually make some operation but I want more!! I have proved the people from the credit union wrong already. She even said she wished I was on her team. I am going to put fliers up around town and see if I get anybody that way!! We have till January before training starts.

In other news besides work. Kyle and I went to Libby. We almost had a nice big turkey for Thanksgiving. There was a huge Turkey and he jumped up on the guard rail and then flew into the road. We almost hit him. It was huge it would have hurt my car. On our way home we went the long way up to Eureka which is about 5 miles from the Canada border and back into Kalispell through Whitefish. We also went up to Big Mountain. There is a whole town up there for the ski resort. There was just a little snow up there but there is probably more just from the cold this week. It was a really pretty drive. I kind of want to go to Canada some time. We will see.

Not sure what the plans are for this weekend but maybe do a little Christmas shopping. Have to figure something out for my brother and Kyle? Although still has to be kind of cheap cause well I am poor!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

No Snow

I forgot to add that there is no snow here yet!! We actually had snow on the mountains a few weeks ago and every day it seemed like it was getting closer and closer to town. Although the mountains are clean with NO SNOW. So my prediction of it not snowing here is going great. Everybody said it snows on Halloween so I was pretty nervous this week but it didn't!! I really need to learn to drive but I don't want to yet!!

New Month

Another month has gone by and now the start of the holidays. Halloween was pretty uneventful here. We went over to my boss's house for a gathering of people. They had one of my co-workers boys hanging from the tree, putting on quite the show for the hanging. I guess at some points they had quite the audience. We went over towards the end of the night, but it was quite the place to be. I actually thought I may not remember where the house was with out seeing the house but no worries there you just followed the people.

One of my neighbors had her little boy all dressed up and he was quite cute in his duck costume. He is probably a year old but it was quite cute with his little tail wiggling across the lawn.

They got some of my test results back from last week. We are now confirming if I have a gluten intolerance. If I do it will be quite the learning experience but will have to take out everything with gluten in my diet. This includes wheat, rhy, and barley. And well everything has a splash of gluten in it. It is quite the filler in everything. Going to make shopping a little more difficult and more expensive so I will be planning ahead a lot to try to make my 160 a month go a long ways. If you have suggestions email me!! Will have the confirmation probably next week. The first test says early onset celiac disease. Not sure yet what the early onset means but we will see.

I went to the community college yesterday and recruited volunteers for my income tax sites. Looks like I have probably 10 volunteers. Which is a great start and I still have a few more months to get more people. Next week I will probably send out all of my letters to the billion of people I have lists for and then put up signs around town. I have some people I need to prove wrong that we can make these sites in Kalispell productive. Which just makes me work harder so I guess the challenge was a good.

This weekend should be pretty uneventful. A friend is moving so I will probably go over and help her tomorrow with moving. She is getting a two bedroom place which is great so she can finally get her daughter up here living with her. She moved here over the summer from Texas.

That is probably all for now!!