Friday, July 18, 2008

It is over!!

Well my year of service is over. Our new vista has arrived and we have been trying to track down some furniture for her. I think we will get along pretty well. I am excited to start my new job. Jane has already started giving me odd jobs to do. Which is nice to know that I am needed. I got my airline tickets to Chicago. For once flying out of Kalispell I have a direct flight. That doesn't ever happen.

We started our third financial education class. Once again this group is different from the other. I think we might actually have a few drop outs and that is okay. We knew it would happen but we were just really lucky with the last two classes. This class is a lot easier to teach cause they actually participate in the class and give answers!!

TJ is on her way here as I type. They were just in Libby so she should be here in about an hour. Kyle is off to the big Montana 200 race. There are four cars on the team that he helps pit for, but yesterday was practice and they blew up an engine already. So now there is three. Tonight is time trials to see which lucky 12 will race tomorrow for $40,000. People come from Canada, Idaho, Washington, and Montana to race this weekend. Should be an interesting race, I am a little sad I am missing it. I will have fun though with TJ. Don't know what we are doing yet but I kind of want to go to Glacier and then even up to Big Mountain for the summer festival. So we will see what we can fit in with time. I haven't been up to Glacier since they finally opened the road to the sun. That only happened like the first of the month. Very late opening cause of the snow we had in June.

I need to figure out a new name for my blog since my AmeriCorp year is over. If you have ideas leave me a comment or tell me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catch up

Well again it has been a month. It never seems that I have enough time to sit down and write a blog.

The good news of the whole month is I finally have a job. Yesterday I interviewed and accepted a job here at the agency. I will be financial educator/grant writer. First big event will be my traveling to Chicago for train the trainer training in home buyer education. Don't know where I will go after that I think it is either horrible Denver or DC. I think those are both coming up just don't which is which. I am really excited about my job. Pay isn't the greatest but I do love the financial education program and the people I work with. So I think that makes up for it. We will see. Doesn't mean I am stuck here and maybe something else will excite me and I will do that. Never know.

Lets see we will work backwards in the month. This last weekend was the 4th of July we went to Libby of course. Two of his aunts where visiting and 5 of his cousins. It was quite the full house. Kyle and I stayed in the trailer which was actually really nice so we could still get away from everybody when needed. Friday Kyle worked and ended up putting in 62 hours last week. People drink to much beer over the holiday. When he finally got off Friday we raced to Libby to get there by dark. We got there at the start of the fireworks. From their backyard we watched about 10 different shows. Here in Montana we can set off whatever we want. What everybody went to a certain place to watch we got to see from the backyard and set off our self. Saturday we pretty much a lazy day. They got a kitten for Kyle's grandma. Super cute cat and she just loved it. When we ate dinner she wanted to go check on her and make sure she was okay. Saturday night they got out the shot guns and has some target practice. I even shot 3 times and hit the can once. Turns out I really think I am blind. Once I tried to see the can it was all blurry. That is my story and I am sticking to it!! Sunday we all got up and went on a hike. We hiked to Geiger lake. It is in the Cabinet Mountains. Three miles up and then Three miles down. I was pretty tired and sore. Turns out just being back at the gym for two weeks wasn't quite enough. But it was beautiful once we got up there.

Kyle and Kyle finally got the car finished and they did their first race about three weeks ago. My Kyle helps with the car and mechanical stuff and his friend Kyle actually races it. They have another one tomorrow. Kyle came in 8th with the car. He did cause a small accident. The race he is participating in is called the hornet class. It is a bunch of older cars with everything torn out of them and then they race. His is a Pontiac and his hit a mini van. The mini van won't be racing any time soon as he hit the wall straight on. While trying to finish the car they were welding and actually started the seat on fire Friday night before the race. They worked all day Saturday to finish it up.

We also went camping for Kyles vacation to Wallaw Lake. It was really fun to see Kyle in just heaven with being able to pet the deer. We did a little touring around the area and over heated my car as we were going up a hill at like 20 mph. The last full day we were their it rained and snowed. That night it snowed so much that our tent caved in on us. In the morning we got up early packed everything up and then headed home. I was so cold I was pretty excited to have the warmth of the car.

That has been pretty much our life. This month the new Vista will start, I start my new job, and TJ and her mom are coming to visit. The summer is going by to quickly. Tia and Jessie are even planning their trip here for Labor day weekend.