Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New House

Well we have finally found a new place that we can afford and fits our needs!! As usual today started looking through the Daily Interlake for another possible place to move to. Was getting discouraged as usual but then found a place for $700 with 2bed room and 1 bath. Didn't think for that cheap there was a chance it had a garge but figured what the heck. To my surprise it did. So we set an appointment to go look at it and feel in love with it. It is a small 2 bedroom place, but will work great for us. It is at the back of the property of a older gal, probably late 50's but real nice. We saw the place at about 5:30pm and found out by 7pm that we had the place. I was super excited!! Here are some pictures will post more after we get moved and unpacked which could take awhile with our work schedules. Our goal is to move this weekend and clean my place and be out by the end of the month!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Been a long long time

Well it is March and I haven't written a blog for about a month and half. Lets see if I can give a full update.

I have been working a lot about ten hours a week of over time. Free To Choo$e has started and we are actually in the 8th week. It is going great. Nobody has dropped out which we find amazing!! I have been teaching the kids. I have enjoyed it and feel that they have learned a lot. Ten weeks is a lot of time to teach them what they should know about bank accounts but we are starting a new project this week with them earning money for being good and participating in the class. At the end of the ten weeks we are going to have a store for them to buy things!! So far I think a couple of my kids really like it. Two of my kids don't seem to care. Next term we might be finding another teacher to teach the kids so I can start teaching the adults. We are going to see how it goes!!

Taxes has been talking up the most of my time. We have done a lot of tax returns and well last time I was told we had done about 72 returns with about $70,000 in returns. I am really enjoying doing them besides the stress but it is alot of working with people which has been quite enjoyable. Taxes aren't as bad as I thought, and the nightmares weren't worth it!!

Lets see, I got sick, I started to get sick around Christmas just being sick to my stomach in the mornings well that turned to throwing up every time I ate. Then I turned yellow and went to ER. Turns out my new medicine that they gave me was messing up my liver. Went off of it and then I feel a lot better. I am not trying to go off the steroids again with out any other medicines. So far so good!

Kyle and I are still looking for a place to move to. So far not much luck. We need something affordable with not too much move in costs. We want to find a place with possibly two bedrooms, garage, and laundry hookups. If we find a place that will work it is usually already rented. Hopefully we will find something before July if nothing else!! We had talked about moving in with his friend Kyle but I don't know that we are going to do that anymore. It isn't being talked about between the boys and I am just not going to bring it up.

We went over to Libby this weekend. His mom and Paul are in their new house. We were on our way home and we saw a moose.

I also got a chance to go sledding. Didn't quite have the right clothing but that was okay. I actually only went down like four times, but it was lot of fun!! The last time down I lost control of my sled and ended up in some fresh snow that also ended up in my face and I came close to some trees. I guess I looked like a snow man.

The other thing I had fun doing was shoveling snow. One weekend that we were in Libby it snowed a lot so we shoveled snow at the new house and Kyle's Grandmas' house. It was actually a lot of fun. I want my own shovel now. Maybe next year because it looks like it is not going to snow much more. We keep getting about an inch but it melts with in a day or so. It is melting off pretty quickly. Feels like spring, I am ready for it to be a little warmer then 32 so I can break out the flip flops again!!