Monday, March 16, 2009


So here is a little update on what has been going on since my last post of our house. We still aren't moved. Hopefully (crossing my fingers) we will be moving in this coming weekend. Getting our loan out of underwriting has been a little crazy. I have sent a ton of bank statements and paystubs to them, my college transcripts and who knows what else. Hopefully we will rap everything up this week.
We have lots of plans for the house but the big thing right now is getting into it and then cleaning the old place. Plus before we move I want to make sure that it has all been cleaned up before putting stuff in their. Kyle is planning on cleaning the carpets and I want to get the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned to start off with. Then after we are a little settled we are going to be purchasing some blinds for the windows, and slowly starting to paint the starch white walls. I am thinking our bedroom will be two different tones of green. Possibly the office will be a blue and the spare room is a toss up from Red or a burnt orange/brown. The living room I would like to paint it a tan or cream.
When the snow melts and we start getting warmer we will start working on some new flower beds, trees, and then a garden in the backyard. We will also have to put up one more side of fence in the backyard.
Soon it will become our own home.

As for everything else I have finally decided to go back to school. I am starting March 31 at the University of Phoenix. I am doing my masters in the science of accountancy. I want to get to a point where I am ready to sit for the CPA exam and that is what this program is designed to do. So hopefully after 12 classes in accounting I will be ready. The classes run for 6 weeks at a time and I only take one at a time. I should be done in about a year and 4 months. Work is pretty busy to March is the month of all of our Federal audits need to be done so we have been frantically working on getting those done. I have been out of town for the last 4 weeks for a couple of days at a time. Things should slow down a little and we will start working on the smaller audits but we have a lot more to get done before June 30 when everything is due.

Kyle is mainly working lots and waiting to get to move into his new garage and start fixing it up.

Well that is us for now. Soon I will post a new address for us and then I will also be changing my phone number I think. I figure it seems time to do that since I did buy a house here. Although after having the same phone number for 8 years it is a little hard to give it up.