Monday, October 13, 2008

A new month and a new job

Being that Oct seems to be almost half over I thought it was time for a blog. I have started my new job, been here 6 days. I have been doing a lot of reading, and catching up on everything that I have forgot over the last year and half of being out of school. I did my first tax return for them the other day. Hopefully I did a good job on it. Probably one of the first tax returns that I have done with a business and depreciation.

I went home for a few days between the two jobs. Spent time with the family and got to see pretty much everybody that lives at least in Oregon. We had birthday celebrations with both sides of the family. For my birthday I went out with some friends to the bar that we went to during college. I came to the decision that I was over the loud music and drinking. Besides that fact that I can't drink anyways. Tia and I went to Whites for breakfast on Friday so that was really good!

Kyle and I are really wanting to buy a house. We went to a talk this last week about a new subdivision that they are starting. They called it affordable housing. I am not sure who gave them their definition but $169,900 for a 2 bedroom 1 bath 940 square feet home didn't really mean affordable to me. So I think the decision we have reached is work hard at getting everything paid off and hopefully try to buy in about 6 to 8 months. Probably end up buying an older home. We really want a garage on it for Kyle and a bigger bathroom. Those are the two things so far it has to have. Ohh and a dishwasher.

That is about all I have right now, we are trying to figure out the coming home for Christmas or Trina's wedding. We are probably coming for the wedding because I wouldn't have to take much time off that way, we got Jan 1 off for the holiday and Jan 2 for the firms birthday. Probably come by train, because it is cheaper and we know that we can get to the train station. Never know what the roads could be like that time of the year. So hopefully that will work out for getting time off.