Saturday, May 9, 2009

New house, spring, and much more...

Well I was just reading a friends blog and felt that I really needed to get a new post done for myself.

We are all moved into the house now, well not completly out of the storage unit but we are making progress. Things are starting to come together in the house. The kitchen is bigger then I really need. I have empty drawers, no cabinets but that I cause I spread everything out. We did some painting in the living room and hallway. No more white walls in there. I still have to do some more touch up work on the moldings, doors and ceiling. I left those all white. The living room is now a tan. We also painted one wall in the spare room the same tan color. We bought three gallons of the tan and we had a gallon and half left over. The spare room now has a bed in it. We are still looking for a queen frame so we can get it off the floor. Once we get that we just have some pictures to put up and it will look really nice.

Our yard is slowly turning green. Kyle is out there every night watering it and then mowing it every week because he keeps putting fertilizer on it. But it is turning green which makes him happy. He wasn't too excited to see the first $80 water bill but he will live. We are also planning on planting some trees, garden and flower beds in the coming month. We were on our way to the garden place today but ended up not purchasing as much as we would have liked because on the way there a truck hit a rock up on my wind sheild. So instead of some trees we will now be replacing a wind sheild. The rock did some pretty bad demage, Kyle had glass on him, there is a crack down my whole wind shield, and is sure to be leaking with the first rain.

Needless to say we are loving the new house. We also went to the human society and got a new cat. She is 13 years old but if you didn't know that you never would. She plays like a kitten and acts like one too. We now have cat toys all over the house.

Work is going really well and staying very busy. We are in our last 6 weeks of the fiscal year 2008 audit season. I am currently working with Bob on all of his audits to attempt to get them all done. He works on the cities and counties. So I will be traveling a lot over the next few weeks but it will keep me very busy and I will learn a lot. I think I will have the chance to learn how to do a federal audit which should be fun and get me ready for next years audit season.

Kyle is starting to get busy again with work. Summer time and people drink more beer or the no work thing is making people drink more. Who knows but it keeps him in a job. They are actually talking about letting him continue to work three days a week all summer but get him help so that should be nice but a very busy three days.

As for everything else I am back in school. I am about to finish my first class of the graduate program that I started. I am going to the University of Phoenix and working on my Masters in the Science of Accountancy. The program is designed to help me prep for the CPA exam. I will be done in about 14 short months. Every class is 6 weeks and I only take one at at time.

Lets see the last thing that has been exciting is I finally found the reason for my hives. I went in and got allergy testing done the beginning of the week. It only took them about 2 months to get me in. I am allergic to yeast and corn. But I took those two things out of my diet and I instantly got better. Corn does include everthing made out of it so no more pop and candy for the most part. Getting those two things out has made me feel a million times better already in just a few short days. My crohns is doing really well to, no drugs for that so I can't complain to much. Hopefully this will be the end of my health problems for awhile.

We are looking forward to the summer, working on the yard, racing, camping and a vacation to Oregon. We are planning on coming out July 17 staying for a few days around Salem and then taking off to the coast to camp for a few days and then drive up to Seattle area for a few more days.