Monday, October 29, 2007

Another week gone by

This past week was in reality pretty uneventful. I had yet another meeting with the group that I am working with for volunteer income tax sites. Have some interesting new obstacles to work through but hopefully won't be as difficult as they could be. But I have 8 mentors signed up for my financial education program and 3 new people signed up to do taxes. Off to a good start in that area.

My mom came again to help me get through some medical tests. They went great. Besides the bruise on my wrist where they tried to do the IV. They had a small issue with getting me to go to sleep. But I did finally go to sleep once everything was over and I was home. Slept great with the amount of drugs they gave me. My mom and I didn't do a whole lot. I slept a lot, watched tv (a lot of home and garden shows) and relaxed. She left on Friday night so I then had the weekend to myself.

Kyle went to Libby to go hunting and work on his truck. He thought I should go with him and I informed him I would just yell run deer run. So he decided my presents was not needed.

I spent the weekend with some friends because besides hunting season is a women's holiday!! No deer was brought home, just a broken down truck. Have to get up way to early tomorrow and help Kyle get to work. He doesn't have a working transmission anymore.

Sunday was a real lazy day of doing my laundry, making banana bread and watching some TV. I have to write a paper that I was going to write this weekend for school now before it is due on Tuesday. Turned in my first paper last week. Don't know how well I did, but it didn't take me long to get back into the procrastination ways.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Weekend

This weekend was very relaxing. Saturday I spent the day laying on the couch and trying to sleep. Kyle was watching a movie but every commercial he seemed to find the need to wake me up. He didn't think there was a reason for me to be sleeping all day. Saturday afternoon I cleaned up my apartment. Something smelled horrible and we think it is actually coming from the apartment upstairs where the girl moved out and left everything. So I masked the smell in my apartment with as many cleaning and smelly stuff as I could. While I was cleaning Kyle decided to rearrange my living room. It looks pretty good!!

Sunday I did get to sleep in which was nice. Kyle was over again and we both got glued into watching Law and Order SVU. It was a marathon so we watched it for a lot of hours.

I didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch which is what I really wanted to do. But I still have a little time. I will try to go this week some time.

My mom will be here tomorrow. I have some stuff to do with the doctors and figured my mom could come take care of me. I didn't think Kyle and I had been together quite long enough to put him through it.

So it was a good restful weekend for my upcoming week of doctor visits.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Short Blog

I thought I would post a short blog. I have twenty minutes left of work and that isn't quite enough time to start another project. Lil (my boss) has been gone this week and she left me with what we thought was a list of stuff to keep me busy but I only have one thing left on the list to do.

I have been recruiting volunteers to be a mentor for my financial education course. I thought this might be a little difficult but in the one week I have been talking to a few people we have 7 volunteers and that has been very little effort on my part for recruiting. So now I just have to get participants and work out the details of grant money and we should be good to go!!
We have a bank that is willing to back up our new accounts and the line of credits that we are offering customers so the details will get worked out with that here soon.

Now if I could just get enough volunteers for my income tax sites so I don't have to step foot in them. It sounds like a grand idea at least!!

This weekend I hope will be a lazy weekend of doing nothing. Since before I left for Colorado I have been going places every weekend. We have been to Libby twice and then to Oregon. I realized that since I meet Kyle I haven't had one Saturday or Sunday where I watched lifetime movies all day.

I wrote two posts in one week Sharlee. Now it will probably be a month again till the next!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A trip to Oregon

Well Kyle and I took off for Oregon on Friday afternoon. It made for a long trip but Kyle drove a good majority and while he drove I was awake and talked to him. Then we switched about Tri-Cities and he went to sleep and I had to drive in the quiet. The last leg was long. We finally got to my parents house about 2am.

Saturday morning we got up and were lazy for awhile. Adam came by before heading to work for the day. Kyle and I went over to my uncles to see how the things are going with his new house. Talked to them for awhile and then drove out to Silver Creek Falls. We felt like being lazy and didn't really feel like doing the hike. So we just looked at the falls from a distance. Kyle was more interested in trying to find the elk that my dad said were out there. Although we couldn't find them.

Saturday afternoon we went in and saw my grandpa. He is now in rehab. Slept most of the time we were there but when it was announced that dinner was served her woke right up!! We made the rounds in Salem and saw my aunts, uncles and grandma. Kyle meet a good percentage of my family and it wasn't that bad.

Saturday night spent some time with my brother. We went into Salem and went to a bar. Kind of weird when my brother can go to the bars with me!!

Sunday we got up early and headed to the beach. We drove to Newport, then down to Lincoln City. To go to the beach that just means shopping to me. Although Kyle actually seemed to enjoy the shopping also, he bought more then me. That could also be just cause he has more money then me!!

Sunday night we made a quick trip into town to see my friend Shar, Alex and her daughter. Ali did a lot of dancing but still didn't do the cutie dance!! She wore Kyle's shoes which were a little big but she didn't seem to mind!!

The drive home was long, but we stopped off and saw Kyle's dad and then got home pretty late to just unpack the car and crash into bed.

The next few weeks for work will be busy with all the work that needs to be done and looks like I might be out of the office for a few days to try to have a few tests done for some more medical stuff. But hopefully it will help me in the long run!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Traveling to Colorado

Well once again things have been pretty busy here. While everything is going on it doesn't seem like it is really that busy but then I look back on the past few weeks and realize where I have been and it is crazy.

First off I am 23 now and thanks to everybody who called, text, or left me message on myspace. My birthday didn't amount to a lot in the beginning. I spent the day in Denver finishing up a conference and then the night on a plane home. Although if nothing else I was very ready to be back in Montana. Kyle picked me up from the airport and when I got home I had roses and a gold heart necklace.

I spent 9 days in Colorado. My first stop was in Steamboat for a conference for four days. It was a conference for our area community action agencies. It was a great conference and I learned a lot. I also meet a lot of people that will be able to help me in the future and also meet some people from Oregon community action agencies. I also won the grand prize of 40,000 air miles. Where should I go?

At the end of this conference I had to go to Denver for another conference that started the next week. I drove over with our executive director and we went through the Rocky Mountain National Park. I will have to post a few pictures. We went up for 12,000 feet high. Felt a little like I was on top of the world and it was cold up there with the snow. The only animals I saw were some elk. One was actually sitting in one of the towns that we went through. He was just sitting in somebodies yard. I didn't get a picture so you will just have to believe me.

I found out the I am not made for big towns on my own. I had three days to run around in Denver. I couldn't really figure out the bus system. I figured out one bus that would get me to the 16th street mall so I could eat and look in stores because I didn't have a lot of money to buy things. This conference was on the volunteer income tax sites. It was a good conference but left a little overwhelmed with everything that I need to do in the future months to come.

Before leaving for Colorado, Kyle took me up to Libby. Saw so many turkey's even some baby ones. I will post some pictures. We went to some falls that were there and a suspension bridge that scared me pretty bad.

For the most part I think that is what I have been up to. I think I might actually be coming home next weekend if the weather holds. All day today at work everybody would come by my office talking about if it was snowing yet. I think the snow is on its way, it sure is cold enough for it. I am not quite ready, but I don't know that I will ever be very ready for it. I knew coming here it would snow so I guess it is time to face reality. So I will probably be seeing snow this weekend. It is already on the mountains and seems to be coming down closer and closer to the valley.